Picture Chief Ominayak
Lubicons assert jurisdiction over Traditional Territory
October 1988


The Lubicon Nation is a small aboriginal society living in north-central Alberta, Canada. They have seen their traditional lands overrun by massive oil and gas exploitation which has destroyed their traditional lands and way of life. The Lubicon people are struggling for their future.
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High-school students demonstrate in support of the Lubicon Nation on Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Who we are

Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) is a volunteer, non-profit group with a mandate to assist the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in their land rights struggle. Contact Friends of the Lubicon

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Join the National Lubicon Petition Campaign
Updated Jun 24, 2007

Along with thousands of Canadians, Members of Parliament have been signing the National Lubicon Petition calling on the government to resume negotiations with the Lubicon Nation. We are aiming for a majority of Parliament to support the Lubicon people in their struggle for justice and with your help we think we can do it!
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Latest Updates

Apr 16 : Lubicon Film Launch - notice and pdf poster for circulation

Mar 11 : UN repeats call for moratorium on unauthorized oil and extractive activities
at Lubicon

Jan 15 : Latest exchange between TransCanada and Lubicon re: pipeline construction

Jan 14/09 : New generation takes up cause in Little Buffalo

Nov 18/08 : More than 60 organizations call for implementation
of UN recommendations on the rights of the Lubicon

Nov 17 : TransCanada invades Lubicon territory

Nov 16 : Alberta Chiefs unanimously support Lubicon in dispute with TransCanada

Oct 28 : David Suzuki: Regulatory failures in the oil and gas industry

Oct 23 : "Stop the Pipeline" - Editorial

Oct 21 : Seeing through TransCanada's slippery legalistic language

Oct 17 : Growing confrontation discussed at length in the Alberta Legislature

Oct 17 : News reports of Pipeline Protest

Oct 16 : Human rights and church organizations send message to Alberta government: suspend pipeline until Lubicon rights are respected

Oct 15 : Lubicon/TransCanada issue on the floor of the Alberta Legislature

Oct 14 : "Deeper oil pipeline raises aquifer concerns"

Oct 11 : Utilities Commission approves construction of
TransCanada's huge gas pipeline through Lubicon

Sep 29 : Published Letters to the Editor reacting to outrageous news stories

Sep 26 :Lubicon letter to Reeve Knudsen
re: lack of land negotiations and the Lubicon water situation

Sep 25 : Lubicon response to outrageous news stories

Sep 25 : TransCanada proceeding toward confrontation with Lubicon?

Jul 29 : Scrutiny of TransCanada's ethics in Alaskan pipeline debate

Jul 27 : Catholic Sister responds to TransCanada

Jul 7 : Excellent letter to TransCanada from a European human rights group

Jun 30 : Please write TransCanada to counter their public relations campaign

Jun 20 : Action Alert!
Please write the Dow Jones Sustainability Index re: TransCanada

May 28 : About the deplorable water quality in aboriginal communities including Lubicon

May 21 : "Lubicon Nation in a battle of survival"

May 20 : Correspondence between Chief Ominayak & Indian Affairs Minister Strahl

May 13 : AUC confirms decision to deny Lubicons standing at pipeline hearing

May 8 : "The Alberta Tories' goofy self-reporting system"

May 6 : Of dead ducks and dead babies

May 5 : Lubicon response to denial of standing at pipeline hearing

Apr 28 : Lubicon supporters confront TransCanada at its Annual General Meeting

Apr 26 : Lubicon Chief underscores the nature of the problem with TCPL

Apr 25 : Lubicons denied standing at pipeline hearing

Apr 21 : Picket at TransCanada Annual General Meeting April 25

Apr 17 : Chief Ominayak's letter to jailed aboriginal leaders

Apr 14 : Lubicons walk out of AUC hearing

Apr 5 : Lubicon fight proposed TransCanada pipeline

Apr 2 : Six religious institutional shareholders of TCPL press company to deal properly with Lubicon

Feb 26 - Mar 12 : News articles and commentaries about tar sands exploitation in Alberta

Feb 23 : Investors taking TransCanada to task for mismanaging land rights' issue

Jan 31 : Update and expanded contact info for protesting TCPL jumbo pipeline

Jan 30, 2008 : Action Alert !
Contact TCPL and the Alberta Utility Commission & tell them no pipeline without Lubicon agreement!

Nov 23 : TransCanada PipeLine's (TCPL) claim of no objections to a proposed new "jumbo" gas pipeline ripping through Lubicon Territory is false

What You Can Do

You can make a difference. Here's how

Land Rights Negotiations
Updated Mar 11, 2009

The Lubicon Nation has been seeking a land rights settlement with the federal and provincial governments for years. So far, the federal government has failed to send a negotiator to the table with a mandate to negotiate a full and fair settlement with the Lubicon people in good faith. Click here for a chronology of betrayal.

Protecting Lubicon lands
Updated Oct 28, 2008

While Lubicon land rights remain unresolved, natural resource companies have been tearing up the Lubicon Traditional Territory. To find out the latest on how the Lubicon people and their supporters have been fighting hard to protect as much as they can from environmental destruction, click here.

Reports and Findings

Groups worldwide have reviewed the Lubicon situation and condemned the failure of successive Canadian governments to resolve this issue. Read about it here:
United Nations Human Rights Committee
Updated Mar 11, 2009

Amnesty International
Report and ongoing campaign

Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review

Fulton Report

World Council of Churches