Daishowa vs the Lubicons & FoL Archive

This archive contains links to documents relating to the Daishowa vs FOL court battle and events surrounding the case.

Document links are listed in reverse chronological order.

Please Note : The Lubicon Nation over the years has published detailed accounts and analyses of events relating to their dispute with Daishowa, to Daishowa logging on Lubicon land, to the Daishowa Boycott, and to the Daishowa vs. FoL lawsuit. Many of these Lubicon mailouts relating to these and other aspects of the Lubicon struggle are available on an off-site web-site called the "Lubicon Archive" and are located at http://www.nisto.com/cree/lubicon

Please note the address for Lubicon Nation listed in many of the off-site documents referenced in the "Lubicon Archive" is not the current address. The documents refer to the old, now defunct, mailing address in Edmonton. The current mailing address is

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
P.O. Box 6731
Peace River, AB T8S 1S5
Phone: 403-629-3945
Fax: 403-629-3939

Daishowa vs. FoL Court Battle Ends
May 4/00 : FoL Web Posting

Daishowa vs FoL Court Dates May 4 & 5
Mar 20/00 : FoL Web Posting

Daishowa vs. FoL "Come to Court" Poster
March 2000 : FoL Web Posting

"Daishowa Boycott Appeal Postponed"
Jan 13/00 : FoL Web Posting of a Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune article

Daishowa Seeks Ban On Right to Boycott (Court Dates Jan 11 & 12)
Jan 4/00 : FoL Update

Selling Out Lubicon Land Rights, Write Premier Klein re: Pending Timber Sale in Lubicon Traditional Territory,
Oct 20/99 : Action Please

Supreme Court Decisions on Leafleting
Sep 10/99 : Links to the decisions and Globe & Mail article

"Daishowa Builds Case in 27 Binders, Files Boycott Appeal"
Jun 15/99 : Peace River Record-Gazette article

Legal Action Outlawing Boycotts Going Back to Court
Jun 15/99 : FoL Web Posting

"Daishowa Involved in Proposal to Cut Lubicon Timber"
Apr 7/99 : CBC Radio News Transcript

Daishowa Attempts to Explain Appealing Against a Non-Existent Boycott
March 26/99 : Daishowa letter to ALQ

Daishowa Off the Hook for Court Costs
Nov 10/98 : Peace River Record-Gazette article,

"Daishowa Continues with Appeal"
Sep 23/98 : FoL web posting with letters & article

"Daishowa Boycott did its Job"
Jun 18/98 : Toronto Star article

"Daishowa gives in, boycott called off"
Jun 12/98 : FoL Press Release

"Define Moratorium -- Lubicons" re: Daishowa's ambiguous commitment
Jun 9/98 : Edmonton Journal article

"Daishowa slippery on commitment"
Jun 3/98 : FoL web posting

Possible Commitment from Daishowa
May 21/98 : Edmonton Journal & Edmonton Sun articles

Daishowa Appeals Trial Decision
May 12 /98 : Daishowa letter to FoL

Daishowa Boycott Restarted
Apr 24/98 : CBC Radio World Report Transcript

"The Boycott is On"
Apr 24/98 : FoL Press Statement made at a press conference

"An International Call : Boycott Daishowa"
Apr 24/98 : FoL Press Release

"Ten Day Deadline is Up Tomorrow" re: press conference to publicize action against Daishowa
Apr 23/98 : FoL Press Release"

"Now is the time to act" - Write Chretien
Apr 16/98 : Action Please

"Daishowa Given Ten Days to Make Commitment"
Apr 14/98 : FOL Press Statement made at a press conference

"Consumer Boycotts Ruled Legal in Canada"
Apr 14/98 : Sierra Legal Defence Fund Press Release

Daishowa vs. FoL Trial Decision - complete text of the ruling
Apr 14/98 : Ontario Court of Justice, MacPherson J.

In Anticipation of the Trial Decision
Apr 14/98 : CBC Radio World Report transcript

Notice of FoL Press Conference Upon Release of Trial Decision April 14
Apr 9/98 : FoL Press Release

"Speak No Evil" - Announcement of feature story on FOL
Apr 7/98 : This Magazine

David Suzuki, Patrick Watson, Alan Borovoy, Roberto Verdecchia re: Trial
Sep 15/97 : Press Conference Transcript

Daily Reports for the first 22 days of the 28 day Daishowa vs FoL Trial
Sep 2/97 - Nov 27/97, FoL web postings

A Brief Chronology of the Court Case up to the Start of the Trial
Aug 29/97 : FoL Fact Sheet

"Daishowa Boycott on Trial"
Aug 28/97: FoL Press Release

"Supreme Court Refuses Appeal of Outlawed Consumer Boycott"
Jun 20/97 : FoL Press Release

Daishowa Demands TV Broadcast Cancellation, Crying Contempt of Court vs FoL, a CBC reporter & Clayton Ruby
Jun 14/97 : Fol & Daishowa Letters and Transcript of TV Broadcast

Daishowa : one of "Ten Worst" Corporations of 1996 says Multinational Monitor magazine
Jan 8/97 : FoL Press Release

"Daishowa and the Lubicon: Freedom of Expression Threatened and No One Says a Thing"
Dec 3/96 : Humanist Movement Press Service

"Friends of Lubicon Ask Supreme Court to Hear Appeal"
Dec /96 : Essential Information article

"Are Consumer Boycotts Unlawful in Canada?" re: Supreme Court Appeal of Injunction
Nov 12/96 : FoL Press Release

"Daishowa Tries for Sierra Legal Defence Fund (SLDF) Gag Order"
Nov 1996 : SLDF Newsletter

Friends of the Lubicon re: Daishowa Boycott and its Injunction
Apr 2/96 : Corporate Crime Reporter Interview

"Daishowa's Position and the Friends of the Lubicon's Response"
Jun /95 : FoL Fact Sheet

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