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Friends of the Lubicon Alberta

Lubicon join protest
Jun 30/07 : Edmonton Sun article

Lubicon, former Alberta premier Don Getty, call on Ottawa to resolve land claim
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Aboriginal day of action brings protests to city
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Time to deal with Lubicon land claim: Getty
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Lubicon to rally at legislature for National Day of Action
Jun 29/07 : CBC News, Edmonton report

Protest to highlight forgotten Lubicon --Fight for land has gone on for a century
Jun 26/07 : Edmonton Sun article



Click here to view the downloadable information Pamphlet handed out at the action (pdf version)



National Day of Action–Bring your own Oil Derrick–Support the Lubicon Cree

Edmonton, Alberta- June 29th, 2007 is a National Day of Action condemning the Canadian Government's shameful approach to long standing First Nations land claims. 

It’s time to give the Alberta government a taste of its own medicine.
Join us on Friday, 29 June - Alberta Legislature -- 12PM. We will publicly demand justice for the Lubicon Cree of Northern Alberta concerning three outstanding issues with Government of Canada and one with the Government of Alberta:

1. Self-government
2. Land claim settlement
3. Restitution
4. The Government of Alberta stop leasing Lubicon territory for oil and gas extraction until the dispute with the federal government is settled.

Bring an "oil derrick", a sign, your person. Bring it to the legislature. Join us in our ongoing extractions on Friday, 29 June.

8:00AM: Mock Extraction Consultations with Legislature staff and Government officials
12:00PM: Declaration of Intent from the Republic of Greedolia
1:00PM onward: Mock extraction at legislature grounds

This action is a dramatization illustrating the irrationality employed by both levels of government in their atrocious and internationally condemned treatment of the Lubicon. Our action will turn that same legal reasoning on the government itself.

Public Notice:
The tiny and virtually unknown Republic of Greedolia has recently informed us that, having purchased land from
by someone’s cousin assumed to be connected to the legislature, they are now the legal owners of the Alberta Legislature. We will be supporting them as they serve their eviction notice on the Government of Alberta in order to make way for oil and gas development. As a civilized and benevolent people, the Greedolians have expressed their generous intent to negotiate with the Alberta government, on Greedolia's own terms, for continued oil development on most of the grounds. In exchange, education in Greedolia schools will be provided on a mandatory basis, and negotiations may begin for control over a small section of land and perhaps some form of compensation

The Republic of Greedolia has announced a "first come, first serve" oil and gas lease policy for the Alberta Legislature grounds. Every individual or group that arrives on June 29th, 2007, starting at noon, will be immediately granted a concession, on very favorable terms, for the placement of their own symbolic oil derrick.

Bring your own derrick!  All are welcome whether they are drilling or not, but we recommend that our supporters not miss out on this wonderful opportunity. We have heard from various experts that the Alberta Legislature, is in fact, full of gas.

FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: info@lubicon.org OR CHECK OUT www.lubicon.org

Background (www.lubicon.org):
The traditional and unceded territory of the Lubicon Cree, which is in North Central Alberta between the Peace and Athabasca rivers, is very rich in oil, gas and timber. More than $15 billion has been extracted in oil and gas alone since the first boom in the late seventies. Unfortunately, the Lubicon Cree have not seen a penny. Rather the Lubicon are forced deal with governments that fail to uphold their own laws and principles.

The Province of Alberta has, with the connivance of the federal government and through the use of legal chicanery, ignored the just claims of the Lubicon. It has continued to lease out unceded Lubicon territory for environmentally and socially destructive oil and gas exploitation.

Thirty years ago, before the first oil roads entered into their territory, the Lubicon had a functioning bush economy, with the moose hunt at its center. Four years later, with 400 wells drilled immediately around the community, the moose harvest dropped from 200 to 20. The centuries old Lubicon bush economy was destroyed overnight. Welfare rates skyrocketed from 10% to 90%.

Resource exploitation in the Lubicon area has continued apace and now blankets the entire 10,000 square kilometer Lubicon Territory. While multinational oil companies and the Province of Alberta grows rich, the Lubicon suffer in crippling poverty lacking the most basic infrastructure such as clean running water, a sewer system, or community and economic development. Oil and gas activity is destroying the Lubicon Cree’s way of life. Nothing can make up for that.

The Lubicon have a right to a land claims settlement. This right is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution; section 35, article 1,3. Canada has been called upon to negotiate a settlement of Lubicon land right by Amnesty International, the World Council of Churches, the U.N Human Rights Committee and the UN Committee on Social, Cultural and Economic Rights. A report from 1983 by the World Council of Churches accused the federal and provincial governments of actions that could have "genocidal consequences" for the Lubicon people.

On the National Day of Action, June 29th, 2007 join us at the Legislature grounds to demand that long standing issues with the Lubicon, and with all Aboriginals, are expediently negotiated and resolved in a fair and just manner. We also demand that the government of Alberta , in accordance with the judgment of the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the UN Committee on Social, Cultural and Economic Rights, stop selling rights to gas, oil and forestry resources that the Provincial Government does not rightly own.

This injustice continues to happen here in Alberta. Albertans continue to benefit from it. Therefore, we as Albertans are responsible to stop it.

In solidarity,
Friends of the Lubicon Alberta

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