Negotiations Archive

This archive contains links to documents relating to Lubicon land rights' negotiations including Media Reports, Letters, Lubicon Nation mail-outs, Lubicon Land Settlement Agreement 1997 document, Lubicon Settlement Commmission of Review Final Report.

Document links are listed in reverse chronological order.

"No clear-cut answer -- Timber rights allocation on Lubicon land a worrisome development"
Mar 5, 2001: Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune

Lubicon Negotiations to Resume and Lubicon Demonstration on Parliament Hill
Sep 28/00: News Reports

Imposition of discriminatory social assistance policy by Federal Indian Affairs' Regional Office Officials in Alberta leads to suspension of talks, a two-month public battle, and an agreement to re-instate social assistance funding to Lubicons.
June 22 - Sep 6/00 : Correspondence, Letters, Resolutions, Media Reports

"Peace River anxious to see Lubicon settlement"
Mar 27/00 : Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune article

Negotiations Update January 2000
Jan 12/00 : FoL Web Posting & Edmonton Journal article

Negotiations Update December 31, 1999
Dec 31/99, FoL Web Posting

Talks with Province Postponed because of Lack of Progress with the Feds
Nov 4/99 : Two newspaper articles

"Lubicons, Government Back at Table"
Nov 1/99 : Grand Prairie Herald Tribune article

"Government Move Underhanded, Say Lubicon", re: Pending Timber Sale in Lubicon Traditional Territory
Aug 31/99 : Peace River Record Gazette article

Lubicon Position re: Pending Timber Sale in Lubicon Traditional Territory
Aug 25/99 : Chief Ominayak letter to Premier Klein article

Selling Out Lubicon Land Rights, Write Premier Klein & Daishowa re: Pending Timber Sale in Lubicon Traditional Territory
Aug 10, 1999 : Action Please

First Meeting with the Province
Aug 3/99 : Peace River Record-Gazette article

"Province Invited to Lubicon Land Negotiations"
Jun 22/99 : Peace River Record Gazette article

"Negotiations Update" June 1999
Jun /99, FoL Web Posting

Minister Questioned in Parliament about the Lubicons,
May 6/99 : Transcript

"Province Accused of Trying to Subvert Lubicon Land Rights", re: Pending Timber Sale in Lubicon Traditional Territory
Apr 5/99 : CBC Radio News Transcript

"Legal Wording for Band Membership Stymies Deal Makers"
Jan 12/99 : Peace River Record-Gazette article

Status of Lubicon-Federal Government Talks up until Mar 19/98
Peter Schwarzbauer web posting

Lubicon Land Settlement Agreement : Lubicon - Canada - Alberta September 17, 1997 is a document prepared by the Lubicon Nation containing Lubicon settlement proposals. The document is an updated version of a document prepared by the Lubicons and presented to the provincial government in 1990 and federal government in 1991. The 1990 document has been updated a few times in the interim before becoming the 1997 version.

Another Effort to Dismember the Lubicon Society -- Province appears associated with latest divide and conquer effort - the formation of a Lubicon dissident group called the Little Buffalo Cree, Jul 10, 1995 : Lubicon Nation Mailout

Feds Publicly Back Away from the Laboucan Family Initiative to Divide and Conquer Lubicon Society
Jun 23/94 : Lubicon Nation Mailout

Alberta Officials Fail to Mislead Austrian Ambassador about Lubicon Settlement Proposals
Jun 16/94 : Lubicon Mailout

The Dismemberment of the Lubicon Society by using "little bribes" to entice the Laboucan family to join another band, Mar 20, 1994 : Lubicon Nation Mailout

Province Agrees to Honour Previous Negotiation Commitments But Fails to Confirm in Writing
Jun 1/93, Lubicon Nation Mailout

Jean Chretien Letter to Toronto Friends of the Lubicon supporting recommendations of the Lubicon Settlement Commission. May 27, 1993

Media Reports Relating to the Release of the Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review Final Report
Mar 19/93

Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review Final Report - Finds governments not negotiating in good faith while Lubicon settlement proposals are reasonable; recommends ways to address the impasse in negotiations. March 1993

Lubicons Reject 1992 Federal Offer as Inferior to 1989 "Take-it-or-leave-it" Offer.
Sep 25/92 : Lubicon Nation Mailout

Independent Citizens' Commission Established to Compare the Merits of Government & Lubicon Settlement Proposals and Recommend Ways to Move Negotiations Forward, May 21, 1992 : Lubicon Settlement Commission press release

Feds Ignore Lubicon Settlement Proposal and Table a Proposal Less Acceptable than 1989 "Take-it-or-leave-it" Offer.
Mar 20/92 : Lubicon Nation mailout

"A Helping Hand", re: Government's divide & conquer creation of a new "band" called the Woodland Cree in order to subvert Lubicon land rights, Dec 1991 : Saturday Night magazine article

Feds Invite Negotiations But Start Anti-Lubicon Propaganda Campaign -- Lubicons Table Settlement Proposal & Await Reaction , Nov 16/91 : Lubicon Nation mailout

Comparison of Lubicon Settlement Proposals with Other Contemporary Settlements
Jan 20/91 : Lubicon Nation Mailout

Lubicon Historical Overview to June 1989
Jun /89 : Lubicon Nation mail (about 225k in length)

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