European human rights group response to Minister Prentice's form letter

Friends of the Lubicon
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June 9, 2006

Attached please find an excellent response to Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice from a European human rights group. Clearly they were not satisfied with assurances that the Minister is "reviewing the details" of the Lubicon situation.

Jim Prentice was the Minister of Indian Affairs when the above was written, the new minister is

The Hon. Chuck Strahl
Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs
Government of Canada
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H4
Fax: (613) 944-9376


Supportgroup for indigenous peoples
Martina Roels
Gorinchemstraat 52
B-9100  St.Niklaas

9th June 2006

The Hon Jim Prentice
Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Affairs
Government of Canada
Ottawa, ON  K1A  OH4

Your Honourable,

In your letter dated 31st may, 2006, you write : "it’s my hope that all parties to the negotiations will recognize the significance of this progress and return to the negotiation table to build on it, with the goal of achieving a final settlement".

With this mail, KWIA, supportgroup for indigenous peoples, refers to the fact that there have been no Lubicon land negotiations since November of 2003 when federal negotiators took the position that they had no mandate to negotiate long-outstanding Lubicon settlement issues including self-government and financial compensation.

According to the findings of the UN Human Rights Committee in 2005, failing in negotiations makes your government accountable for human rights violations against the Lubicon Cree.

Therefore, KWIA asks that the Harper government appoints a negotiator with a full mandate to negotiate outstanding issues of self-government and financial compensation in good faith.


Martina Roels

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