Lubicon Nation and Canadian Government written submissions to UN Human Rights Committee

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April 9, 2007

Last August the Canadian government prepared a lengthy submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the issue of Lubicon land rights. The submission was prepared by Jane Arbour at the federal Department of Justice with assistance from officials at the Department of Indian Affairs including federal negotiators Sharman Glynn and Chris Wilson.

The Lubicon Nation was not informed about the submission until earlier this year when a UNHRC representative contacted the Lubicons to forward a copy of Canada’s submission.

The UNHRC gave the Lubicons until yesterday to prepare a written response.

The Canadian submission rests on a foundation of misinformation and assumptions about the nature of aboriginal rights and title in Canada and Alberta. It builds upon this faulty foundation with misinformation about the Lubicon situation in particular.

The Lubicon submission challenges the fundamental assumptions in the Canadian submission and refutes the Canadian government’s version of events with historical documentation.

For a definitive understanding of the positions of both parties, the two submissions are essential reading. Both are now available:

April 2007 Lubicon Comments on the August 2006 Follow-up response of the Government of Canada here

Or April 2007 Lubicon Comments in pdf format here


August 2006 Follow-up response of the Government of Canada here.


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