Lubicon letter to Reeve Knudsen re: lack of land negotiations and the Lubicon water situation.

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September 26, 2008

Provided for your information here is a copy of a self-explanatory letter Chief Ominayak recently sent Sunrise County Reeve Agnes Knudsen responding to a letter Reeve Knudsen received from Canadian Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl regarding lack of Lubicon land negotiations and the Lubicon water situation.

Provided also here :

is a copy of a letter Chief Ominayak wrote Mr. Strahl on January 30, 2008 regarding the Lubicon water situation in which the Chief addresses the issue of the proposed Sunrise County pipeline. Mr. Strahl wrote Reeve Knudsen on August 28th that he's "confused as to why the settlement of the land claim would have any bearing on extending the water line to Little Buffalo" and "unaware of any issues, from Canada's perspective, that would prevent the Lubicon from accessing water from the Regional line". Mr. Strahl had written the Chief on August 13th -- two weeks earlier -- responding to the Chief's January 30th letter;

is a copy of Mr. Strahl's August 28th letter to Reeve Knudsen;

is a copy of Reeve Knudsen's May 22nd letter to Mr. Strahl to which he was responding in his letter of August 28th;

is a copy of Mr. Strahl's August 13th letter to Chief Ominayak.

Taken together these letters provide documentary evidence as to why the Lubicon people do not have safe drinking water and there is no settlement of Lubicon land rights.

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