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Heavy Oil Development Threatens Lubicon Lands

Although a letter of agreement between one of the principal proponents of the heavy oil project and the Lubicon Nation is signed, ongoing Lubicon concerns are documented in the Oct 27 posting

Photos of Lubicon land cleared by contractors for Deep Well

Surge signs letter of agreement with Lubicon Nation
Oct 27/05 :Fol posting describing the agreement and related media reports.

Provincial approval of Surge drilling application fuels tension at Lubicon
Sep 27/05 : Fol posting calling on supporters to contact Surge Chairman David Perez re: the Sawn Lake heavy oil project

Latest push to commence Sawn Lake oil sands project met with steadfast Lubicon opposition
Jul 26/05 : Letter from Chief Ominayak to Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

Sawn Lake oil sands project about to Surge ahead?
Jun 23/05 : Fol posting the latest ominous developments with the Sawn Lake project

Public call for full Federal Environmental Assessment of Sawn Lake heavy oil project
June 13/ 05 : Fol posting with letter from Alberta Energy Minister Melchin to Alberta MLA Bonko

Dr. David Suzuki supports call for full environmental assessment of Deep Well's Sawn Lake heavy oil project
June 3/05 : Letter from David Suzuki to Federal Environment Minister Dion

Development on Lubicon land draws fire
May 31/05 : Alberta Sweetgrass news article

Alberta suspends Deep Well
May 26/05 : Letter from Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Minister

Extremely disturbing bulletin board discussion by Deep Well investors
May 22/05 : Provides insight into the mentality of some company shareholders

News of controversial heavy oil project spreading
May 5/05 : News articles in The Petroleum News and The Dominion

Deep Well's "missing" aboriginal affairs policy statement
May 4/05 : Fol posting

Deep Well investor bulletin board banter - racist and otherwise
May 3/05 : Excerpts from a bulletin board discussion among investors of Deep Well

Fifteen million dollar financing commitment for oil project in Lubicon "has expired"
Apr 30/05 : Fol posting re: news release issued by Deep Well

Government peppered with questions in legislature about Sawn Lake heavy oil project on Lubicon Land
Apr 29/05 : Transcripts of Alberta Legislature questioning

Comments on Deep Well Oil and Gas' response to Lubicon supporters' letters
Apr 28/05 : Fol posting

Excellent Lubicon supporters' letters to Deep Well, Surge, & Paradigm
Apr 22/05 : Excerpts from letters sent to Deep Well Oil and Gas, Surge Global Energy, & Paradigm Oil and Gas

Lubicon oil project runs into another hurdle - a lawsuit
Apr 19/05 : Canadian Press article

Forces unite over Lubicon project
Apr 13/05 : Winnipeg Sun article

Lubicon Nation, Sierra Club, Greenpeace ask for federal environmental assessment of Sawn Lake heavy oil project
Apr 13/05 : Press release and Chief Ominayak's letter to Federal Environment Minister Dion

Lack of regulation of Alberta oil industry raises drinking water fears
Apr 8/05 : Commentary on Edmonton Sun article

Unauthorized Sawn Lake heavy oil project on Lubicon Land questioned in legislature
Apr 8/05 : Alberta Hansard

Lubicon Nation fighting oilsands development
Apr 7/05: Fast Forward Weekly news article

Lubicon Lake band opposes Sawn Lake heavy oil project on traditional lands
Mar 30/05 : Canadian Press article

Excellent letter to Deep Well
Mar 30/05: Supporter's letter to President of Deep Well

New Heavy Oil Development Threatens Lubicon Lands
Mar 25/05 : Describes the latest serious threat to Lubicon people and what you can do to help

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