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Jumbo Pipeline Threatens Lubicon Land

Latest exchange between TransCanada and Lubicon re: pipeline construction
Jan 15/09 : Exchange of letters between Chief Ominayak and TransCanada's Cardinal

More than 60 organizations call for implementation of UN recommendations on the rights of the Lubicon
Nov 18/08 : Joint news release

TransCanada invades Lubicon territory
Nov 17/08 : Write to CEO of TransCanada

Alberta Chiefs unanimously support Lubicon in dispute with TransCanada
Nov 16/08 :Formal resolution by Assembly of Treaty Chiefs of Alberta

David Suzuki: Regulatory failures in the oil and gas industry
Oct 28/08 : Newspaper column appeaing in over one hundred publications

"Stop the Pipeline"
Oct 23/08 : Vue Weekly Editorial (Edmonton)

Seeing through TransCanada's slippery legalistic language
Oct 21/08 : Indian Country Today article and commentary on remarks made by TransCanada spokeperson

Growing confrontation discussed at length in the Alberta Legislature
Oct 17/08 : Alberta legislature hansard

News reports of Pipeline Protest
Oct 17/08 : Globe and Mail, CBC, Edmonton Sun , Edmonton Sun articles

Human rights and church organizations send message to Alberta government: suspend pipeline until Lubicon rights are respected
Oct 16/08 : Joint Amnesty International - KAIROS press release

Lubicon/TransCanada issue on the floor of the Alberta Legislature
Oct 15/08 : Alberta legislature hansard

"Deeper oil pipeline raises aquifer concerns"
Oct 14/08 : News article

Utilities Commission approves construction of TransCanada's huge gas pipeline through Lubicon
Oct 11/08 : Commentary on October10 AUC decision

Published Letters to the Editor reacting to outrageous news stories
Sep 29/08 : Three letters printed in Peace River Record Gazette reacting to articles in the Sep 25th posting.

Lubicon response to outrageous propaganda masquerading as newspaper reporting
Sep 25/08 : Three Peace River Record Gazette articles and Chief Ominayak's letter to the editor

TransCanada proceeding toward confrontation with Lubicon?
Sep 25/08 : Exchange of letters between Chief Ominayak and TransCanada's Mohun

Scrutiny of TransCanada's ethics in Alaskan pipeline debate
Jul 29/08 : Two published letters to the editor in the Anchorage Daily News

Catholic Sister responds to TransCanada's PR
Jul 27/08 : Sister Mary Jeanne Davidson letter to TCPL's Arthur Cunningham

Excellent letter to TransCanada
Jul 7/08 : Letter from European human rights group Aktionsgruppe Indianer & Menschenrechte e.V. to TransCanada

Please write TransCanada to counter their public relations campaign
Jun 30/08 : Exchange of correspondence between Chief Ominayak and TransCanada officials

Please write the Dow Jones Sustainability Index re: TransCanada
Jun 20/08 : Action Alert including letter from Chief Ominayak to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Lubicon Nation in a battle of survival
May 21/08 : Indian Country Today article

Utilities Commission confirms decision to deny Lubicons standing at pipeline hearing
May 13/08 : Commentary on AUC decision

"The Alberta Tories' goofy self-reporting system"
May 8/08 : Commmentary and newspaper article

Of dead ducks and dead babies
May 6 : Commentary on duck deaths at tarsands' tailing ponds in Alberta and related media coverage

Lubicon response to denial of standing at pipeline hearing
May 5 : Chief Ominayak to AUC Chairman Willie Grieve

Lubicon supporters confront TransCanada at its Annual General Meeting
Apr 28/08 : Report on protests outside and Lubicon concerns raised inside TransCanada's Annual General Meeting, and related media coverage

Lubicon Chief underscores the nature of the problem with TCPL
Apr 26/08 : Chief Ominayak's letter to TCPL Senior Aboriginal Policy Advisor Arthur Cunningham

Lubicons denied standing at pipeline hearing
Apr 25/08 : Commentary on Alberta Utility Commission's Prehearing Meeting decisions

Picket at TransCanada Annual General Meeting
Apr 21/08 : Announcement of protest in Calgary Friday April 25

Lubicons walk out of AUC hearing
Apr 14/08 : Statement made by Lubicon Nation at an Alberta Utilities Commission hearing in Edmonton.

Lubicon fight proposed TransCanada pipeline
Apr 5/08 : Indian Country Today article

Six religious institutional shareholders of TCPL press company to deal properly with Lubicon
Apr 2/08 : Letter from KAIROS to TCPL

More about Canada's "tough new green plan"
Mar 12/08 : Commentary with Globe and Mail, Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal articles

Canada's so-called "tough new green plan"
Mar 11/08 : Commentary with Globe and Mail article

Tar sands, water shortages and lawsuits
Mar 4/08: Commentary with Edmonton Journal article

Oil companies as "environmental stewards"
Mar 1/08 : Commentary with Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal articles

Jumbo pipeline threatens Lubicon Cree
Feb 27/08 : Speak News article

Nuclear power and the tar sands, and Oil patch split over proposal for partial tar sands development moratorium
Feb 26/08 : Edmonton Journal letter to editor, Globe amd Mail article

Investors taking TransCanada to task for mismanaging land rights' issue
Feb 23/08 : Letter from TCPL investor Freedonia Corp to TCPL

Questioning the precepts of the religion of Alberta Conservatism
Feb 19/08 : Commentary with articles from the Sun, and the Globe and Mail

Colonial Nature of Canadian Society
Feb 12/08 : Commentary on BP Canada's intervention

Companies question who will pay for billion dollar TCPL pipeline
Feb 8/08 : Last day flood of applications for intervenor status for pipeline hearings

Lubicons' finger in the dike
Feb 7/08 : Five gas and oil related corporations apply to intervene including giants Petro-Canada and Syncrude

It's raining Statements of Intent to Participate
Feb 6/08 : Seven more companies plus Lubicon Nation file Statements

Unsavoury interconnections and the TCPL application
Feb 5/08 : Commentary on ATCO's TCPL application and a bit of relevant history of the Lubicon struggle

Cozy relationship between regulator and regulatee
Feb 4/08 : Commentary on Husky Oil's intervention application, Nova Gas and the Alberta Utility Commission

"Dirty oil-powered brakeless Stelmach vehicle increasingly behaves like hit and run driver"
Feb 3/08 : Two more companies apply to intervene and two news articles about numerous concerns with tar sands exploitation

What's wrong with this picture
Feb 2/08 : Commentary on Suncor's application to participate at TCPL hearings

Oil company giants weigh in against the Lubicon
Feb 1/08 : Update on the oil company heavyweights Imperial Oil Canada, Exxon Mobil Canada, Shell, and Suncor intervening on behalf of TCPL jumbo pipeline application before the Alberta Utility Commission

Update and expanded contact info for protesting TCPL jumbo pipeline
Jan 31/08 : Exchange of letters between Lubicon Nation and TCPL legal counsel along with expanded contact info

Contact TCPL and the Alberta Utility Commission & tell them no pipeline without Lubicon agreement!
Jan 30/08 : Action Alert ! 5 minute action that can make a big difference

TransCanada PipeLine's (TCPL) claim of no objections to a proposed "jumbo" gas pipeline ripping through Lubicon Territory is false
Nov 23/07 : News articles regarding announcement of construction of a major new gas pipeline

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