Updated Jan 30, 2008

Phone or email TransCanada and tell them no pipeline without Lubicon agreement!

This is an easy five minute action that can make a big difference - not only to the Lubicon Cree but for the rest of the planet as well.


By Phone:

    1. Phone TransCanada Pipelines -- toll free 1.800.661.3805 (or in Calgary at 403-920-2000)

    2. Let them know:

      1. you are a concerned citizen

      2. tell the company you strongly oppose any pipeline through Lubicon territory without Lubicon agreement,

      3. that the company must suspend its North Central Corridor pipeline application with the Alberta Utilities Commission until reaching an agreement with the Lubicon.

    A sample script is below but always remember that a similar message in your own words has a much stronger impact.

    Hi, my name is _____ and I am calling to express my strong opposition to TransCanada Pipelines application to seek Alberta Utilities Commission (or AUC) approval to build the North Central Corridor pipeline ( Utility Commission application number 1551990). This pipeline runs through the middle of unceded Lubicon territory and your company does not have Lubicon agreement to use their land in this way. I demand that you suspend your pipeline application with the AUC until you reach agreement with the Lubicon. Thank you.


By Email:

    Compose your own message or simply copy and paste the sample script in the By Phone section (but write your name on the blank and change 'calling' to 'writing' of course ) into your own email browser and send to the CEO of TransCanada, Harold Kvisle, c/o his "Associate" Janna Leberge at:

    If you like you can also cc a copy to Premier Stelmach at:

    and most definitely please copy the new Alberta Utilities Commission Chairman Willie Grieve c/o Acting Chair Carolyn Dahl Rees at:

    (we should have the chairman's email posted here some time in February)


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