Help us flood the Alberta Utilities Commisson site!

This is an effective 3 minute action to stop TransCanada.


TransCanada (huge multinational oil pipeline company) has applied to build their jumbo pipeline (called the North Central Corridor) on unceded Lubicon land.

What's wrong with this pipeline application?

The latest UN recommendation (Nov 2007) on Lubicon land states that there should be a "moratorium on all oil and extractive activities in the Lubicon region until a settlement is reached with Lubicon Lake Nation." TransCanada is ignoring the UN. TransCanada is not even following Canadian law to hold meaningful consultations with the Lubicon, yet TransCanada is leading the public to believe they have done so. TransCanada is violating Lubicon rights.

We are working to stop TransCanada's pipeline application.


The TransCanada application is now before the AUC (Alberta Utilities Commission). Emails can be sent in support of or against this application. Emails are documented on this AUC website:

Over forty oil companies have sent letters in support.

YOUR ROLE: Help us flood the AUC site with opposing emails! The AUC will not be able to ignore our messages. With one email you can do your part to stop TransCanada.

To complete this effective 3 minute action:

Go to your email. Open a new message. Enter this address: This email is going to Mr. Grieve. He is Chair of the AUC.

Support for the Lubicon is growing worldwide, but there is little action from right here in Canada - right where it counts. Let's show TransCanada they CANNOT get away with violating Lubicon rights because CANADIANS won't let them.

Thank you for your support,

FOLA (Friends of the Lubicon Alberta)