Picket at TransCanada Annual General Meeting

Protest TransCanada Shareholder Meeting!

TransCanada is trying to run a pipeline across unceded Lubicon land without consent!

Hold TransCanada accountable- Protest their shareholder meeting!

WHEN: Friday April 25 9a.m

6a.m morning departure if leaving from Edmonton- Contact us for ride!

DESTINATION: Calgary, Round-Up Centre Stampede Grounds. Assemble by the adjacent C-Train station on Macleod Trail sidewalks. We will arrive at 9a.m. We are asking for the bulk of people to arrive by at least 9:30 to greet the arriving shareholders.

WHY: On April 25 TransCanada is holding their annual shareholders meeting. TransCanada is trying to build the North Central Corridor (NCC) pipeline on unceded Lubicon land, without Lubicon permission.

TransCanada has applied for regulatory approval through the provincial AUC, which has no legal jurisdiction over unceded Lubicon land. The Lubicon have many unanswered questions about a pipeline this size, such as health and environmental impacts. The NCC is predicted to provide enough natural gas for a three-fold expansion of the tar sands.

Check out this coverage of the Lubicon and Monday's AUC hearing http://intercontinentalcry.org/lubicons-walk-out-of-auc-hearing/

"If TransCanada tries to build this pipeline across unceded Lubicon Territory without Lubicon consent – based on approval of an application to an Alberta Government regulatory agency that does not have legitimate authority in unceded Lubicon Territory – the Lubicon people will oppose it every inch of the way, every way we can, for as long as TransCanada Pipelines tries to operate in Lubicon Territory."- Lubicon Cree Nation's statement to the AUC on Monday April 14th, 2008

The UN has called for a moratorium on oil and gas development until there is a just settlement between the Lubicon Cree Nation and the Government of Canada.

We will be picketing the TransCanada shareholders meeting, handing out pamphlets to those attending, and making some noise! Come join us to let TransCanada shareholders know that the world is watching!

*Do you have a car and are coming from Edmonton?

*If you would like a ride from Edmonton, please post on the board and we will contact you!

For more information contact: info@lubicon.org or 907-0637 For rides down to Calgary from Edmonton call: 271 1394

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