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July 27, 2008

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter responding the recent exchange of correspondence between TransCanada and Lubicon Chief Ominayak from a Catholic Sister who visits the Lubicon community frequently and knows the situation well. Note that it didn't take Sister Mary Jeanne 6 weeks to respond to the TransCanada letter but then again she wasn't trying to con, mislead and deceive people with her letter.

July 1, 2008

Re: Proposed North Central Corridor Pipeline Project

Arthur Cunningham
Senior Aboriginal Policy Advisor
Aboriginal and Tribal Relations
TranCanada Pipeline Ltd

Dear Mr Cunningham,

I have been following carefully your communication between yourself and Chief Bernard Ominayak as you seek ways to facilitate dialogue between TransCanada and the Lubicon Nation. In your most recent letter you proposed asking Amnesty International to facilitate discussion between TransCanada and the Lubicons.

Can you understand how offensive it is to Chief Bernard Ominayak, his Band Council and to the Lubicon Nation for TransCanada to continually avoid sitting down directly with them, at the table of dialogue and discussing sincerely and openly the proposed TransCanada Pipeline. In dialogue you would both come to a deeper understanding and discover a "win-win solution" to proceeding with the proposed pipeline...a solution that would honour the Lubicon Nation, respect their just concerns, treat them as equals, and at the same time move the proposal of the pipeline forward. It is so simple... So profound….I can't understand why you continually seek a third party...Government...Amnesty...anyone but the Lubicon Nation itself, to make decisions regarding the proposed pipeline. No one has yet come to the Lubicons and said, 'Let us sit down and discuss this proposed pipeline. Everything has been done without consultation of the Lubicon Nation and yet this pipeline is planned to go directly through their unceded land! Is it not a matter of justice that they be consulted directly?

I sincerely pray for a break-through in this case and that the Creator will answer the cry for justice of the Lubicon Nation.


Original signed by

Sister Mary Jeanne Davidson,ssnd

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