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September 25, 2008

Provided below are links to copies of a three piece feature story that appeared in the past month in the Peace River Record Gazette newspaper along with a response from Lubicon Chief Ominayak.

The three piece feature story is likely part of a growing public relations campaign designed to discredit Lubicon leaders going into an anticipated Lubicon confrontation with TransCanada over construction of a major gas pipeline TransCanada is preparing to build across unceded Lubicon land in order to provide the huge amounts of natural gas required to support burgeoning exploitation of the tar sands until nuclear energy plants can be built to provide the energy required to wring the incredibly dirty tar sands oil out of the asphalt-like sludge in which it is found.

Normally letters to the Editor of the Peace River Record Gazette are to be limited to a maximum of 500 words or less. Needless to say, responding appropriately in 500 words or less to a major three piece feature story containing numerous inaccuracies, distortions and outright untruths stated as fact is not possible. Hopefully the Peace River Record Gazette will accord the Lubicons equal time in the name of providing its readers with essential information on this important issue.

People familiar with the history of the Lubicon struggle are encouraged to also provide the Peace River Record Gazette with reactions to this incredible piece of political propaganda put forward as factual newspaper reporting. Time is of the essence in doing so because more of the same is undoubtedly on the way and keeping the record straight is clearly going to be a big job. With lots of this stuff being cranked between now and mid-October when construction of the TransCanada pipeline is expected to commence, keeping up with it is going to be important or some of it will be left standing and end up as part of an unchallenged public record.

Chief Ominayak's letter to the editor of the Peace River Record Gazette is here.

Three Peace River Record Gazette articles

1 ) "The Great Sunrise Divide" begins here and is continued here.

2) "The Boiling Point" begins here and is continued here.

3) "The Road Block" is available here.

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