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Lubicon Petition Campaign seeks signatures from Members of Parliament

( June 24, 2007 ) Along with thousands of Canadians, Members of Parliament from the three Opposition parties have been signing the National Lubicon Petition calling on the government to resume negotiations with the Lubicon Nation. We are aiming for a majority of Parliament to support the Lubicon people in their struggle for justice and with your help we think we can do it.

If your Member of Parliament has not yet signed the petition, you can help the Lubicon people by lobbying your MP this summer to sign on. While we have contacted MPs directly, it’s very important that they hear from their own Constituents that they, as your representatives in Parliament, must demonstrate their support for good faith negotiations with the Lubicon Nation.

In particular we are looking for people in the following ridings to approach their MP and gain their support. If you are able to do so, please contact Friends of the Lubicon and let us know who you will be contacting.

If you’re not sure which riding you’re in, you can look it up by entering your postal code at the following site: http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/Compilations/HouseOfCommons/MemberByPostalCode.aspx?Language=E

You can also click on the name of the Constituency below to see a map of the riding boundaries, and click on the MP’s name to see contact details for their Constituency Office.

Please help the Lubicon Nation by lobbying the following Members of Parliament (listed by Constituency, Name, Party affiliation):

British Columbia:

Esquimalt–Juan de Fuca: Martin, Keith (Hon.), Liberal

New Brunswick:

Fredericton: Scott, Andy (Hon.) (Liberal)

Madawaska–Restigouche: D'Amours, Jean-Claude (Liberal)

Miramichi: Hubbard, Charles (Hon.) (Liberal)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Bonavista–Gander–Grand Falls–Windsor: Simms, Scott (Liberal)

Random–Burin–St. George's: Matthews, Bill (Liberal)

Nova Scotia

Cape Breton–Canso: Cuzner, Rodger (Liberal)

Cumberland–Colchester–Musquodoboit Valley: Casey, Bill (Independent)

Dartmouth–Cole Harbour: Savage, Michael (Liberal)

Sackville–Eastern Shore: Stoffer, Peter (NDP)


Ajax–Pickering: Holland, Mark (Liberal)

Bramalea–Gore–Malton: Malhi, Gurbax (Hon.) (Liberal)

Brampton West: Beaumier, Colleen (Liberal)

Davenport: Silva, Mario (Liberal)

Don Valley East: Ratansi, Yasmin (Liberal)

Eglinton–Lawrence: Volpe, Joseph (Hon.) (Liberal)

Etobicoke Centre: Wrzesnewskyj, Borys (Liberal)

Etobicoke–Lakeshore: Ignatieff, Michael (Liberal)

Guelph: Chamberlain, Brenda (Hon.) (Liberal)

Huron–Bruce: Steckle, Paul (Liberal)

Kingston and the Islands: Milliken, Peter (Hon.) (Liberal)

Kitchener Centre: Redman, Karen (Hon.) (Liberal)

London North Centre: Pearson, Glen (Liberal)

London West: Barnes, Sue (Hon.) (Liberal)

Mississauga East–Cooksville: Guarnieri, Albina (Hon.) (Liberal)

Mississauga–Brampton South: Bains, Navdeep (Hon.) (Liberal)

Newmarket–Aurora: Stronach, Belinda (Hon.) (Liberal)

Nickel Belt: Bonin, Raymond (Liberal)

Oak Ridges–Markham: Temelkovski, Lui (Liberal)

Oakville: Brown, Bonnie (Liberal)

Ottawa–Vanier: Bélanger, Mauril (Hon.) (Liberal)

Richmond Hill: Wilfert, Bryon (Hon.) (Liberal)

Scarborough Centre: Cannis, John (Liberal)

Scarborough Southwest: Wappel, Tom (Liberal)

Scarborough–Agincourt: Karygiannis, Jim (Hon.) (Liberal)

Scarborough–Rouge River: Lee, Derek (Liberal)

Thunder Bay–Superior North: Comuzzi, Joe (Hon. ) (Independent)

Timmins–James Bay: Angus, Charlie (NDP)

Toronto Centre: Graham, Bill (Hon.) (Liberal)

Vaughan: Bevilacqua, Maurizio (Hon.) (Liberal)

York Centre: Dryden, Ken (Hon.) (Liberal)

Prince Edward Island

Cardigan: MacAulay, Lawrence (Hon.) (Liberal)


Ahuntsic : Mourani, Maria (Bloc Québécois)

Hochelaga : Ménard, Réal (Bloc Québécois)

Honoré-Mercier : Rodriguez, Pablo (Liberal)

La Pointe-de-l'Île : Lalonde, Francine (Bloc Québécois)

Lac-Saint-Louis : Scarpaleggia, Francis (Liberal)

LaSalle–Émard : Martin, Paul (Right Hon.) (Liberal)

Laval–Les Îles : Folco, Raymonde (Liberal)

Portneuf–Jacques-Cartier : Arthur, André (Independent)

Rimouski-Neigette–Témiscouata–Les Basques : Thibault, Louise (Independent)

Saint-Laurent–Cartierville : Dion, Stéphane (Hon.) (Liberal)

Saint-Léonard–Saint-Michel : Pacetti, Massimo (Liberal)

Sherbrooke: Cardin, Serge (Bloc Québécois)

Terrebonne–Blainville : Bourgeois, Diane (Bloc Québécois)

Westmount–Ville-Marie: Robillard, Lucienne (Hon.) (Liberal)


Wascana: Goodale, Ralph (Hon.) (Liberal)

Also, if your Member of Parliament is a Conservative Party member, at this point none of the Conservative Party MPs have signed the petition, so please feel free to approach them.

If you’re not sure whether your Member of Parliament has signed the petition, please contact Friends of the Lubicon. And, if you’re not sure what to say or how to arrange a meeting with your MP, we can help. Just write to us at fol at tao dot ca

Copies of the petition and an information sheet you can use to explain the issue are available for download here. Copies are available in English and French.

Once you have obtained a signed petition from your Member of Parliament, please contact us and mail the original signed petition to us.


Jul 18/06 : Networking the Lubicon petition and letters

June 12 : Collecting Petition Signatures on National Aboriginal Day (June 21)

Mar 14 : Sierra Club of Canada joins the National Lubicon Petition Campaign

Feb 28/06 : Rainforest Action Network endorses the Petition CampaignF

Initial Petition Campaign Description from January 2006:

The Friends of the Lubicon, Amnesty International, KAIROS: Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, the Lubicon Legal Defence Fund, and Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity have launched a national Lubicon Petition Campaign to demonstrate support for a settlement of Lubicon land rights.

With a new Conservative government in power, it’s critical that Lubicon supporters make their voices heard loud and clear so that the new government knows this issue must be dealt with. There’s no time to waste.

The petition is available for download here, along with a flyer you can use to introduce the issues to potential signers.

The national Lubicon petition will be presented in the House of Commons, along with the demand that "the Prime Minister and the Minister of Indian Affairs … ensure that their representatives have a mandate to negotiate all outstanding issues with the Lubicon Nation in good faith and … proceed immediately with negotiations towards a full and final settlement of this issue."

You can help make the National Lubicon Petition Campaign a success by downloading and printing the petition and collecting signatures from those who support a final settlement of this long-outstanding human rights issue. It’s not hard to fill out one or two petition sheets by asking friends, neighbours, co-workers or family members to sign the petition. Every sheet that’s completed brings us one step closer to a successful Lubicon Petition Campaign. Completed petitions can be mailed back to us at the address on the petition.

For those who want to do more, however, here are five simple ideas on how to generate more signatures.

    1. Organize a petition day at your school

    Gather together a few friends or a school club and initiate a petition day. Advertise the issue in your school with advance posters or flyers. On the day, set up tables at high-traffic locations. Have volunteers circulate the petition to appropriate classes. Get signatures in the cafeteria at lunch hour. Post volunteers at the school doors or popular hang-outs.

    2. Organize a petition day at your church, mosque or temple

    Advertise the issue in your bulletin. Set up a table at an after-service social event. Organize an educational night about the Lubicon issue. Post the petition on bulletin boards. Organize volunteers to seek signatures before or after worship.

    3. Organize a community petition day or days

    Organize friends, club or group members, or union sisters & brothers to do a petition drive in your neighbourhood. Have pairs of volunteers occupy high-traffic street corners or sidewalks outside of malls. Have flyers printed that explain the issue (download ours at www.tao.ca/~fol/petition.htm). Have a few quick lines ready to tell passers-by what the petition is about and why they should sign it.

    4. Organize a benefit or musical event to draw attention to the issue

    Bring together local musicians or other artists to perform a show on behalf of the Lubicon Nation. Have a speaker introduce the issue and get people to sign the petition at the door. Give people additional petitions to take home and collect signatures from their friends or co-workers.

    5. Send an e-mail about the petition to your friends

Let people know about the petition campaign and why they should be involved. If they receive a personal appeal from someone they know, they will be more likely to get involved. Ask them to commit to collecting one, two or five sheets of signatures.

We will continue to post more ideas on collecting signatures on the Friends of the Lubicon website. Please let us know what you’re doing so we can encourage other people to do the same.