Sierra Club of Canada joins the National Lubicon Petition Campaign

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March 14, 2006

The Sierra Club of Canada has joined the National Lubicon Petition Campaign and is asking its members to collect signatures in support of the Lubicon Nation.

In a recently released statement, the Sierra Club says:

"Sierra Club of Canada is urging Canadians to speak out against the violation of Lubicon Cree human rights. Over the last quarter of a century, lands of the Lubicon people, an indigenous nation of 500 living in northern Alberta, have been destroyed by oil and gas and logging industries alike. Fifteen years ago, the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) concluded that the Canadian government’s failure to negotiate a treaty with the Lubicon was a breach of their human rights. In October 2005, the UNHRC reaffirmed that Canada should be making every effort to rectify this situation. Clearly it is time for the Government of Canada to stop ignoring the rights of the Lubicon Cree and to start negotiating."

Information on the Lubicon situation in both English and French, and a downloadable petition are all available from the Sierra Club here.

The Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) has active chapters in every region, with offices in Ottawa, Victoria, Sydney, Corner Brook, Halifax, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto. SCC has developed major national campaigns with four program areas: Health & Environment, Protecting Biodiversity, Atmosphere & Energy, and Transition to a Sustainable Economy.

Not unlike other Lubicon supporters, the Sierra Club of Canada says "We can do more with a little than most ever do with much."

Other Canadian residents can also assist the Lubicon Nation further by:

1. Joining the national Lubicon petition campaign. Copies of the petition and downloadable information you can hand out to friends, co-workers and others is available here.

2. forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues.


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